A new era in passenger's airport experience. For everyone. All the time.



Tech'R provides easy-to-implement live solutions to take care of your passengers during their airport experience, whatever operational constraints are.

Live chat

Stay in touch with your passengers in English and in French.

Useful information

Live information to assist and take care of your passengers.

Smart content

Strong personalization: First name; Name; Routing …


Available on any device

Works with all cell phones and devices. It does not need extra app on passengers' cell phones.


Lower number of calls to Airlines' contact centers.

Secure IT solution

Data fully secure during the whole process compliant with EU consumer data protection regulations.

Personalized, reliable and easy-to-use

Tech'R is a white labeled solution embedded in your existing process in case of disrupted operations.


A personalized solution to your airline with a quick set-up.


A fully automated solution which enables you to remain connected with all your passengers at the airport before their flight.


An easy-to-implement solution with no extra manpower needed which brings unique value to your existing ground staff.

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Our goal is to reinvent Airport experience for your passengers using today's technologies and your own company policies.

Our Team

A team of Airlines experts, Travel industry's and Customer experience people created Tech'R.


Marie-Paule Béchet

Chief Executive Officer


Alexia Chocano

Chief Financial officer


Cécile Godel

Chief Marketing Officer


Magali Neveu

Chief Operating Officer

We are strong believers of the necessity for airlines to deliver more robust assistance as well as relevant information to their customers in order to enhance their aiport experience. Tech'R is a powerful and reliable solution for airlines and their passengers. Beyond basic information!

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We provide Airlines willing to reinforce their passengers' airport experience with solutions. This bridges current passenger's perception of the lack of information between checking and boarding - especially when things happen!

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